Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Alexandria Community Rowing (ACR)?


2. Where is ACR located?


3. How big is ACR?


4. Is there a waiting list to join ACR?


5. When is your rowing season?


6. What programs are offered by ACR?


7. How can I join ACR?


8. How much are the dues?


9. Do you have an introductory rowing program?


10. I learned how to row a few years ago but haven't rowed since then. I'd like to start rowing again. What do I need to do?


11. I am returning home from college for the summer and have rowed in college. I would like to row with your Club over the summer. What do I need to do?


12. I have my own boat. May I store it in your boathouse? Who do I need to talk to?


13. Does ACR participate in regattas?


14. What programs does ACR offer during the off-season (November - March)?


15. Are there any coaching opportunities at ACR?